Have you ever walked into a home and it just felt like it had a really good energy? You might have come into a house with good feng shui. There is a three-part room trilogy to feng shui which incorporates the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. Some ideas to improve your feng shui in your kitchen will take a lot of work to implement, but others are much simpler.  Would you like to have good feng shui?  Read on!

The layout

Why is the kitchen so important in feng shui?  Because food is fixed there, it is the place where you feed your body, and that nourishment gives you life. The main thing in feng shui is the layout of the room.  A kitchen located at the entrance of the house is bad, as it is the first thing you see and walk through. Also bad is a kitchen at the back of the house with a door, because it will let out all of the luck.  A kitchen near or under a bathroom is also bad because you will be mixing energies from the two rooms. To improve your kitchen, if it is a room you can see from the front door, add flowers to your counter or set up some pots of herbs.  The overall layout should be free of clutter and well lit.  It should not be overwhelmed by lots of tools and pans that are out and visible.A kitchen with good feng shui will mean the cook will be filled with good energy.  That good energy will blend with the physical energy provided by the food and the whole family will then benefit.

The foods

You should fill your kitchen with brightly coloured foods which are also the ones that contain the most nutrients.  Organic foods are ideal, not only because they are free of harmful pesticide residue, but they also are more connected to the Earth and they can then convey the healing energies from the Earth to you.

The colours

An all-around good colour choice is yellow.  Yellow is the colour of healthy digestion.  The location of your house in the compass will determine how the earth energy flows and therefore the colours of your kitchen should be chosen to be in harmony with this energy flow.For instance, a south kitchen should reflect the high energy that the south provides.  Colours of red and orange are perfect, but stay away from blues.  A west kitchen, on the other hand, should not be painted in these colours but instead should focus on earth colours.Colours don’t just apply to the wall paint choices, but also to any decorations chosen for the room.  A north kitchen is best done in blues to reflect the water element’s influence.  Prints of waterfalls or oceans are perfectly at home in this kitchen.To dive more deeply into feng shui colours, you may wish to consult an online guide or a feng shui professional. It can take a lifetime to master the art of feng shui, but it can also just take an afternoon to paint the walls and clear the clutter to help welcome the positive energies into the room.  Fu chi! (Blessings and good fortune!)

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