• The Toaster

A must have appliance in your kitchen to make your breakfast near to perfect with golden sizzled sliced bread in your plate. A fundamental appliance, which arguably is one of the greatest invention as the sliced bread has made the breakfast and supper very interesting and delicious! Just slide the bread slices in, press the lever and you have your toasts ready to have. The quality of your toast is directly concerned with your toaster.


  • How a toaster works?

In traditional electric toasters, all you need to do is to put the bread or bread products in the slots provided and pull the lever. You set the amount for cooking time and heat intensity as per your choice. The machine will then pop up the bread item for the retrieval when the timer sets off. Just flip the side of that item and it goes the same way as first. However, the setting for cooking time and intensity differs according to the features and settings of machine. Also toasting time upon the size/volume of the toaster you buy. Traditional toasters can heat the wide range of bread and bread products like sliced bread, toaster, English muffins, bagels, sandwich buns and more.


  • What to look for when buying a Toaster?

There are few important aspects that you should know when you actually buy a Toaster. They may differ from person to person, as everyone has a different taste and different need.


  1. Capacity

It’s a crucial part when buying a toaster. Considering the space it will occupy on the counter, you might want to go for two-slice or four-slice toaster. The compact models are ideal for its size and energy consumption. Four-slice toaster offers you further settings and feature and as, they are larger on size and consumption. It would be wise to choose the size beforehand, when looking at your exact requirement

  1. Heating element

The prime object of toasting is performed by these heating elements. The grid you notice, when you look into a toaster. The bread surface is exposed to these elements. The amount of heating and timing depends on the material that has been used in these elements. Nichrome filaments are considered to be ideal when heating and withstanding that heat when an electric current flows through them. The first mark for any toaster is to toast a piece of bread evenly on both sides. To toast bread consistently on varying level of brownness is also the sign of a good toaster



  1. Features

Looking at the features provided by different models of toasters also need to look upon. Having different controls for different slots can be very useful in order to have control on two different items in two slots. High lift feature comes very handy while picking slices from toaster and reduce the risk of touching hot parts. An easy to remove crumb tray as cleaning the tray becomes very easy. Having number of controls for different purposes (defrost, bagel, etc…) makes things easy for you.


There are also some other features that are helpful to you. Like Auto-Centering, Auto Shut-Off signal, Cancellation Button and other that help you to toast the bread crispier as you like and add a good colour and texture to your breakfast. You can buy toasters online where you get a good look at the variety and you can compare to choose your best fit Toaster.

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